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© Andrew Probert

Acrylics:__Actual printed area: 17" x 11.25"


This is how I envisioned the ceremonious launching of the first operational Galaxy Class Starship

while in synchronous orbit over the fabrication facilities of the Utopia Planita Fleet Yards, -Mars.


The orbiting Assembly Station is a modified Sternbach-designed facility, sporting traditional

red, white, & blue (plastic) bunting for the occation. _The attending ships are proudly aligned

along the ship's launch corridor in salute to the fleet's newest member. _Three of them have

even been repainted as a tribute to earlier ships which carried the same name as the vessel

being launched.

You'll even see a former enemy's new ship, which also carries the same markings as this honorguard.


This is a 300-piece LIMITED EDITION